FAQs – Operations & Maintenance

What kind of access will you need for maintenance and how often?
We will need free and easy access to the roof, panels and invertors to carry out maintenance. We agree access protocols with the building owner/ tenant to the main control room and invertors. Planned maintenance visits occur once or twice per year but visits will also be required if there is a fault.

Can solar be used in conjunction with demand side unit (DSU)?
A solar PV and DSU system cannot run alongside each other so an interlock has to be installed to prevent both running at the same time.

If the PV system breaks down, will you compensate me for the extra energy I’ll need to buy to replace what you can’t provide?
No. We do guarantee the efficient running of the system. If the PV system breaks down it is in our interest to fix it very quickly as otherwise we lose revenue from the PPA.

Who should I phone if there is a problem with the equipment?
You will be given contact details of the maintenance contractor for the system.

How can I be sure that we will be charged accurately for the solar electricity we use?
The electricity generated on your roof is measured by a meter, in the same way as electricity provided by your supplier. Our remote monitoring system, which our clients have access to, gives live generation data so you can see how much solar PV electricity is being generated and how much is being consumed on site. Any electricity that is exported to the grid is also measured by the import/export meter.

How much maintenance do solar panels need?
Solar panels have no moving parts and need very little maintenance. We will check the system regularly and arrange for the panels to be cleaned every few years to ensure optimal performance.