FAQs – Installation

Will the installation damage my roof?
Funded Solar is installed by Kingspan, the market leader in commercial and industrial roofs. You can be assured that the insulation performance, structural performance and weather tightness of your roof will not be affected. Your Kingspan Insulated Panel Guarantee will not be impaired as a result of installing Funded Solar.

Will the installation process be disruptive to our business?
Most 50kW installations are completed in 3-5 days and there is often very little need to work inside the building so it should not disrupt your normal working practices. Larger installations take longer to install but again, most of the work is carried out on the roof and is not disruptive to the business. A shut down is required to connect the PV to the electrical distribution system. This connection can be done at night or at a weekend to minimise the impact on the business.

Will I have to re-wire my electrical systems and install a new meter?
You will not have to re-wire your building. You will need a dual channelled meter, if you do not already have one we will replace the existing meter at our cost.

Is my roof strong enough for solar panels?
The installed weight of solar panels is typically between 14-15kg per m2 including mounting equipment. This additional loading rarely causes structural issues, but to be certain we undertake a structural survey on every building ahead of the installation.

Who offers the warranty to the customer on the system?
The solar equipment is owned by ESB and will be warranted by the manufacturers and installers.